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Engaged accounts on LinkedIn
Ask Subject Matter Quote
Improvements# Bug fixes
Find People Also Ask opportunities
See questions you're answering and ranking for, answering but not ranking for, and not answered across all your pages
LinkedIn Stats for Organization accounts
Improvements# Bug fixes
Smart Copy paste
Embed a rich media element or extract and modify page text with AI just by pasting a link
Filter for unused keywords
Highlight covered keywords
Choose reaction type while configuring auto likes for LinkedIn
Configure access level while inviting people in Letterdrop for LinkedIn
Keyboard shortcut to bring up the + button in editor
Press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + U to open the insert menu
Improvements# Bug fixes
Improvements# Bug fixes
Composite SEO Score
Outline Generator# Quick Inline AI Rewrites Press Ctrl/Cmd+Enter or pick the AI option from the toolbar to rewrite any text or pick from a saved template. Add your own templates too.
Email notifications for ideas# LinkedIn recycling emails
If you haven't posted in a while, we suggest top performing LinkedIn posts to recycle
Improvements # Bug fixes
Support for thumbnails in LinkedIn videos
Connect WordPress without talking to support
Connect Wordpress completely self-serve
Support for People/Org mentions, emojis, and text formatting (Bold/Italics) in LinkedIn comments
Write comments on boosted LinkedIn posts
New editor permission level for just suggestions/comments
Boost LinkedIn comments
Improvements# Bug fixes
Find and Replace
Find any keyword across all posts and replace with another keyword (+ hyperlink) and publish in one click.
Simpler Wordpress Integration
Connect Wordpress without talking to support
Support People/Org mentions, emojis, and text formatting (bold/italics) in LinkedIn comments
Write comments for boosted LinkedIn posts
Suggest and comments mode for posts
Boost LinkedIn comments
Save and reuse custom AI writing templates
Improvements# Bug fixes
Covered Topics for SEO
In the SEO Optimizer, you can now see the talking points you've already covered in your post.
Wordpress import
We can import your posts from WordPress to Letterdrop. Just ask your account manager during onboarding.
New onboarding workflows and resources
Improvements# Bug fixes
Link Health
Identify the links that are either broken or redirected. Bulk fix them and publish the changes to your site.
Automate comments from multiple accounts
Add comments on. behalf of your team to any LinkedIn post
Get structured transcripts from webinars and podcasts
We also give you the raw transcript with time stamps when you convert a webinar or podcast to text.
Bug fixes
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