Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


  • Image compression has been enhanced to improve quality.
  • In the blog editor, users can now generate an outline that includes internal links.
  • Additional data points have been added in Blog Post Stats.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug regarding missing custom field values after updating a blog post.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the custom fields validation in the review screen for blog posting.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a popup to appear when closing the blog editor tab even if the updates were saved.
  • Content revenue attribution is live. You can now track the revenue generated from your content by going to Stats > Revenue.
Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 2
  • Default AI samples have been added for LinkedIn post generation. You can use them as-is or modify them to match your tone and voice when generating LinkedIn posts.
Bug Fixes
  • Google Analytics data is now displaying correctly.
  • Fixed a glitch that was causing LinkedIn posts to not adhere to selected AI templates when generating from text.
  • Fixed a LinkedIn commenting issue.
  • Fixed an issue around the word limit validation when generating a slug.
Image Compression
  • Letterdrop will automatically resize and compress images and GIFs to ensure fast loading times.
Custom Field Metadata synced with Webflow
  • Users will now see indications for required fields, limits, and helper text for custom fields when connected to Webflow.
  • In the blog editor, users can now view the link they are replacing from the Internal Links suggestion list
  • Default summary templates have been added for video-to-text conversion. Users can leverage these templates to specify the style of writing to be generated from any video.
Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 9
Bug fixes
  • Placeholder event reminders will now be sent only to the creator and owner of the event.
  • Users can now view and edit post titles in the Medium editor.
  • The bug that prevented LinkedIn-like only accounts from showing up has been fixed.
Tracking Snippet
  • You can add a Letterdrop tracking snippet to your site and we'll help you perform better content revenue attribution (coming soon)
  • Internal link suggestions no longer include overlapping substrings like "site" in "website" or "ai" in "long-tail"
  • Realtime internal link counts: Link counts for internal links now update instantly. You don't have to re-analyze every time.
  • You can manually refresh People Also Ask in Pages To Refresh to check for updates on the SERPs
Bug Fixes
  • LinkedIn Comment Editing: Fixed a bug where editing a LinkedIn comment would unintentionally rewrite other comments in the thread
  • Fixed Wordpress publish bug
  • Internal links search bug fixed
Engaged accounts on LinkedIn
  • You can view accounts that react and comment on your LinkedIn posts by navigating to the Stats -> LinkedIn page. These are engaged accounts that you might want to outreach to.
Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 5
Ask Subject Matter Quote
  • You can request a video quote from anyone in one click.
  • You can now add secondary keywords for internal linking
  • you can now view all the channels you're distributing content to when publishing a blog
Bug fixes
  • LinkedIn repost, comment page bugs fixed
  • LinkedIn "Auto Likes" dialog loading error fixed
Find People Also Ask opportunities
See questions you're answering and ranking for, answering but not ranking for, and not answered across all your pages
Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 12
LinkedIn Stats for Organization accounts
Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 12
  • Book a training from within Letterdrop
  • Group ideas into campaigns
  • Improved internal Links
Bug fixes
  • LinkedIn external comment page now mobile friendly
  • Autocomplete dropdown scroll issue fixed
Smart Copy paste
Embed a rich media element or extract and modify page text with AI just by pasting a link
Filter for unused keywords
Highlight covered keywords
Choose reaction type while configuring auto likes for LinkedIn
Configure access level while inviting people in Letterdrop for LinkedIn
Keyboard shortcut to bring up the + button in editor
Press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + U to open the insert menu
  • Added draft tracking option for all post stages
Bug fixes
  • Fixed People Also Ask bug
  • Fixed internal links not loading issue
  • Fixed LinkedIn boost input issue
  • UI fixes for Pages to refresh on the declining traffic tab
  • Fixed corrupted LinkedIn repost body
  • Content brief now opens in side nav in the editor so you can see the brief while writing
  • Improved app notification for outline generation
  • You can filter Almost Ranking pages for just target keywords
  • Hubspot destinations are added automatically when you connect
Bug fixes
  • Fixed the issues with internal link suggestions
  • Fixed the issue of AI-generated slugs and meta descriptions overwriting existing user-provided data
  • Fixed issues in pages to refresh screen - formatted page URLs and titles for improved clarity
Composite SEO Score
  • See a Composite SEO score across all your posts so you can quickly decide which pages might need a second look
  • Improved Links Health
  • Improved Hubspot integration
  • Improved keyword coverage
Outline Generator
  • You can now create a first draft outline for a keyword with just a single click. Find it under the SEO optimizer in our editor. It's factually accurate and covers everything top ranking pages cover. This gives you a good base to get started.
Quick Inline AI Rewrites
  • ezgif-1-f134fd498e
Press Ctrl/Cmd+Enter or pick the AI option from the toolbar to rewrite any text or pick from a saved template. Add your own templates too.
Email notifications for ideas
  • Idea creators and up-voters receive notification when their idea gets published live
LinkedIn recycling emails
If you haven't posted in a while, we suggest top performing LinkedIn posts to recycle
  • Improved information coverage verification
  • You can disable email notifications for project status updates
  • Improved Link Health quality and UX
  • You can pick from saved samples to use as a template for AI generation on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • You can delete published tweets and LinkedIn posts from the social screen
  • You can create a project from a draft, by clicking on "Track a draft" option
Bug fixes
  • Fixed HubSpot publishing bugs
  • Fixed Internal Link bugs
  • Fixed Health Link bugs
  • Fixed menu items in dropdowns
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