Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


  • In addition to being able to assign keywords for existing published SEO articles, you can also assign keywords to external, non-blog posts to get internal linking suggestions for linking
  • You can now index content in pdf/audio/video format from AI Settings
  • Improved slack notification settings.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue causing valid links to be incorrectly reported as broken.
  • Fixed 6sense integration issues.
  • Apollo integration has now been added. This enables sales teams to add Linkedin engaged users to Apollo sequences directly from Letterdrop.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue. causing images in the blog editor to be wrapped with a table tag.
  • Added slack channel notifications for LinkedIn posts that are auto-generated from sales calls. You can configure the channel in Integration Settings.
  • Improved loading speed of the account activities page.
  • You can now preview LinkedIn post in the activities page.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed LinkedIn duplicate post bug.
  • Fixed an issue affecting searching in LinkedIn Stats.



June 20th 2024

  • LinkedIn Stats Table Enhancement:
    On the LinkedIn Stats page, you can now view the deal stage and dollar amount for individuals engaging with your LinkedIn content, provided they are linked to a deal in the pipeline and your CRM is connected.SCR-20240621-mkiy
  • Sales Call Insights:
    For those with call analysis included in their package, the Themes analysis now displays aggregated deal amounts and customer information.SCR-20240621-mpyv
  • LinkedIn Post Generation:
    Made several enhancements to the process of generating LinkedIn posts from sales calls.
Bug fixes
  • Tagging People in LinkedIn Posts: Resolved the issue that occurred when tagging multiple accounts.
  • Tagging Companies with Special Characters: Fixed an issue preventing the tagging of companies that have special characters in their name.
  • Exporting LinkedIn Engagements: Fixed an issue affecting the exporting of LinkedIn engaged accounts to a CSV file.
Webflow Locales
  • We now support publishing items with locales to Webflow. For more information, please contact your CSM.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a delay for loading blog posts
Webflow Migration
  • We have migrated our Webflow integration from v1 to v2 for a better experience and new features. All customers with a Webflow site must reconnect from Integration Settings -> Webflow Connected Collections.
  • Sales call insights UI has been updated to only show relevant fields.
  • Workspaces with a CRM connected for revenue attribution can now manually select which pipeline to pull data from. This can be adjusted from Integration Settings.
  • Workspaces with a call recording software connected can now have sales reps receive sales call content recommendation email as soon as the call ends.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed bugs in content indexing to improve the quality of suggestions by AI
  • Fixed an issue with generating social posts from sales calls.
LinkedIn Account Stats
  • In addition to LinkedIn organization stats, you can now view personal stats we well.
  • Improved Linkedin stats page
  • Under Pages to Refresh -> Decaying Pages, you can now filter pages by those that have dropped in ranking. Additionally, you can receive automated emails about SEO fixes regarding decaying pages.
  • Users can now move topics between new stages in the "Projects" kanban board.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed fireflies transcript file format
  • In LinkedIn Stats, you can now search for accounts who have engaged with your content by Name or Company
  • In Sales Call Insights, you can now filter by deal owner
  • Revenue Stats now shows the revenue attributed to content for the selected date range, relative to revenue stats all-time
  • For automated sales enablement emails to suggest content to reps after their calls, you can now select the pages and files that our platform will index under Settings > AI.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue where the text formats are not preserved while pasting into image captions input box.
  • Fixed Facebook connection issue.
  • Fixed image empty caption issue.
  • Fixed bugs in the FireFlies Sales Call Integration
  • Under LinkedIn Stats, you can now filter accounts that engaged with your LinkedIn posts.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 18
  • Improved LinkedIn comment suggestions
  • Improved decaying pages algorithm. Under Pages to Refresh > Decaying Pages, you can now see data such as best rank held and search traffic to determine which articles should be prioritised.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug related to the project status not updating to "published" after a blog post is updated
  • Fixed an SEO on-boarding issue
  • Fixed an issue regarding blank social posts
  • Fixed an issue regarding image width on the live blog sites
  • Users can now opt to enter their work email when connecting their LinkedIn accounts, ensuring that comment requests/approvals are sent to their work email instead of their personal one.
  • Users can now click through articles in Revenue stats to view page data, even if the content is not managed in Letterdrop.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where the deal stage ids were being shown instead of Labels
  • Fixed bug causing code to show up in LinkedIn previews for @mentions
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