TikTok and Instagram Embeds
Just paste a link to a TikTok or Instagram post and it'll automatically get embedded in the editor. Supported in Webflow too.
Share editor publicly
You can share your post with people outside your organization without their email with our new public access. Anonymous visitors can use all features of the editor including comments, suggestions, SEO optimization
Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 12
  • You can now press the UP arrow key, to edit your last comment
  • Project titles are can be edited from the Projects page
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bugs in LinkedIn sharing
  • Fixed GA4 rate limit issue
  • many more bugs squashed
Jan 12th 2023
Export Competitor Site Keywords to CSV
You can now download all the keywords from similar sites into a CSV file using the 'Export' button
Comment variations for LinkedIn Posts
When requesting a comment to a LinkedIn post from your teammates, in addition to your template comment, we'll suggest other variations too.
Ask a question about your Gong sales calls
You can gain valuable insights by asking questions that your customers or sales team have already answered on calls. We analyze your Gong calls and give you answers to your questions.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Google Analytics and Search Console reports
  • Fixed tweet threads missing issue
  • Now you can set a 0 day deadline interval between Project stages.
  • Improved Gong transcript analysis
Jan 5th 2023
Suggestions mode
You can now suggest edits and have writers accept or decline them.
Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 10
Automatic internal linking
When you run the SEO optimizer, it will automatically suggest words and phrases that should be internally linked to other pages you have.
Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 5
Monthly email report for content refresh updates
Last week, we launched a new feature to tag posts that need to be refreshed based on data in Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Every month, we'll send you an email with the posts that need to be addressed.
Chat from the editor
You can now start chatting directly from the editor and outline screens. If you're a writer, it opens up a chat with your reviewer. If you're a reviewer, it opens up a chat with the writer.
Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 10
  • Linkedin Auto-like and comment rate limits and security checks
Bug fixes
  • Fixed Webflow preview bug
  • Fixed unnecessary revision history bug
Dec 29th 2022
SEO Page Monitoring
If you've connected your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts, we'll alert you to pages that need a refresh:
  • Decaying Pages: Traffic has been declining consistently
  • Almost Ranking: The page is almost there but not quite. Give it a bit more "oomph" to rank in the top 5 results on Google for the target keyword
  • Split Pages: The page is ranking for multiple distinct keywords but poorly. You should break it down into discrete targeted pages for each keyword
  • Combine Pages: Multiples pages are ranking high for the same query. Combine them to avoid keyword cannibalization.
@mention organizations in LinkedIn comments
  • You can now mention organizations in their LinkedIn comments
Freelance writers who miss their invitation email will be prompted to join a workspace if they login directly
You'll now see error notifications for Webflow Previews as well
Bug Fixes
  • Open in new tab hyperlinking wasn't being saved
Dec 24th 2022
Slack notifications improvements
Added Slack notifications for all project stage updates
Request comments from your team on LinkedIn posts
When posting to LinkedIn, you can request your team (especially folks in customer-facing roles to chime in) to comment on your post. We'll send them an email and Slack DM with a draft comment to post. When they comment, your content gets in front of their connections, including prospects.
Check out our new page for this feature:
You can calculate how many LinkedIn impressions you can generate, money you can save on ads, and revenue you could add here:
Bug Fixes
  • Freelancer pending screen date issue fixed
  • You can shift+select multiple checkboxes in the ideas and posts screens
Dec 17th 2022
New Published tab added to Twitter and LinkedIn pages
Sync specific lists in HubSpot
Users can now sync HubSpot contacts by list.
‎‎HTML templates
Use a HTML snippet over and over again? You can save it as a template and re-use it whenever you want with 2 clicks.
Google preview
See what your page will look like in the Google SERP.
Nov 28th 2022
Idea templates
You can now create templates for ideas/content briefs. For example, you can have one for SEO pieces, one for sales enablement, and another for case studies.
Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 10
Updated slug rules
We let you know if your slug is too long or has too many words. This improves readability and prevents your slug from being cut off in Google results.
Automatically copy body to new social posts
When you click on
Post to another account
, the body from the last post is copied to the new draft.
Webflow preview
We rolled this back last month. Reintroduced. If connected to a Webflow site, you can preview your post on the staging domain. Automatically removes the staging change after a few minutes to prevent accidental publishing errors.
Improved collaborators and topic comments
Did you accidentally close your tab/window before you sent your comment? Don't worry. Your drafted comments are now saved automatically so you can pick up where you left off.
Mulit-webhook support
You can add multiple webhooks and destinations for when a blog post is published, updated, or deleted. This means you can use Letterdrop with a custom frontend like NextJS, Contentful, Strapi, etc and support a
, or
all from Letterdrop.
Set links to open in a new tab or add a no referrer
You asked. We delivered.